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Two step verification added to Linkedin

Superfast Broadband Didn't Spur Employment As Expected

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1 , Solves Bugs

July 08 2015

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Please go out and write lots of applications, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer pleaded with 2,000 developers on Tuesday, kicking off an annual, four-day meeting at its campus near Seattle.

People that continue to use the phrase “password” as their personal password remain at the highest risk when it comes to hacking.

University of California Riverside engineers have developed a free Facebook app called MyPageKeeper, which will flag social malware, or “socware,” as it’s called.

In recent years, Apple has made eco-friendliness the meme behind its design decisions, highlighting the use of highly recyclable materials such as metal and glass.

CenterBeam forecasts 5 enterprise tech trends: burgeoning BOYD, VPN extinction, Apps-as-a-Service, big data big headache, and BI & analytics “make it work”.